The Milan Bar Association and the world

Milan is a great city that is open to the world and the Milanese bar is particularly sensitive to the challenges of internationalisation. For this reason, at a delicate time in history, between the pandemic and European and global tensions, between projects and resources for economic recovery and new social needs caused by the crises resulting from emergencies, the Milan Bar Association has chosen to make its activities and commitment more accessible, especially to citizens and businesses interested in Milan and our territory.

The Milan Bar Association is a public body that accompanies the career path of all lawyers, from enrolment to practice, to examinations, to swearing in, to accredited refresher training and the management of the delicate guarantee of professional ethics. The Association also provides a number of services for lawyers and instructs a number of procedures for citizens.

The Bar Association is the entity that institutionally interacts with all the judicial offices of Milan and, specifically, with the Court, the Court of Appeal and the General Prosecutor's Office and, where necessary, with the Ministry of Justice in the interest of the constant improvement and innovation of the service that Justice in Milan and in Italy offers to citizens and businesses in Italy and worldwide.

The Milan Bar Association is led by a Council elected directly by the registered lawyers and which is currently structured in 22 Commissions operating in all areas of Milanese justice and, nevertheless, in the most frontier fields of the present and future of the Italian Bar.

The Milan Bar Association has also operated for many years in various areas of social responsibility for the city and the Milanese metropolitan area, through conventions and protocols signed with all local institutions (Municipality, Metropolitan City and Region) and with a number of stakeholders from the third sector and the economy and with other professional associations. Specifically, the Milan Bar Association has a long and consolidated tradition of running legal advice desks for citizens and businesses in need, partly active in the Municipalities of the City of Milan and partly dedicated to specific issues and needs, including social emergencies, such as that of Ukrainian refugees.

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