What is OCC

The Occ of the Milan Bar Association was established in accordance with Law 3/2012 and has been registered since 1 April 2016 under no. 34 of the Register of Legal Entities held at the Ministry of Justice.
By setting up the OCC, the Bar Association intends to address the serious social problem of those who find themselves in a state of insolvency but are unable either to go bankrupt or to avail themselves of other insolvency procedures to defer their debts and partially write them off, with the agreement of their creditors.

The over-indebtedness procedure is open to customers in financial difficulty, smaller businesses (who are therefore not eligible for bankruptcy) and others with even potentially significant debts, such as agricultural businesses, start-ups, the self-employed and non-profit organisations.

The activities relating to the procedures provided for by law (agreement to resolve a crisis of over-indebtedness, consumer plan and liquidation of assets and dismissal of the debtor who is unable to pay) are carried out by professionals (for the Bar's Body, these are lawyers) known as "crisis managers" who are registered in the appropriate List kept by the Ministry of Justice.

OCC hours and contact details

Address: c/o Segreteria Ordine Avvocati di Milano - 1° floor Court of Law - Via Freguglia, 1 20122 Milano. Entrance from Corso di Porta Vittoria (Largo Biagi)

The Association's offices are open from Monday to Thursday, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Telephone: +39 02 5492921 (Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm)

At the moment, due to the health emergency, only telephone or Zoom appointments can be booked by writing to
PEC occ@cert.ordineavvocatimilano.it
Mail occ@ordineavvocatimilano.it

How to activate the procedure

To initiate the procedures by the Association, it is necessary to fill in the application, which can be sent to the Association by email or pec (using the references specified below); the application can also be filed by hand at the Association's Secretariat Office.

A payment of €200, including VAT, is required to submit the application. The Association's fee is calculated based on the estimate formulated by the Crisis Manager examining the application of the OCC tariff.

Payments can be made by debit card, credit card, cheque and bank transfer. 
The data for the bank transfer are as follows:
Company/owner account: Ordine Avvocati di Milano - Organismo Composizione Crisi da Sovraindebitamento
Bank: Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa - ag. 28 Viale Monte Nero
IBAN: IT09L0503401615000000001973