Citizen's Help Desk

The establishment of a Citizen's Help Desk is a concrete response to the strong demand for information and guidance citizens need.
The Sportello per il Cittadino (Citizen's Help Desk) was set up in Milan, for the first time in Italy, to offer a service, open to all, providing qualified information on the formalities required to meet the requirements:

  • initiating a lawsuit
  • alternative dispute resolution tools to ordinary justice (mediation, family mediation and assisted negotiation)
  • costs and time of justice 
  • ex officio defence (for criminal proceedings)
  • access to state funded legal aid

In addition, through the Help Desk, citizens can receive information on lawyers to whom they can turn for each specific area. To this end, special lists of lawyers have been created, divided by areas of expertise and subject to constant control by the Bar Association.


The offices of the Sportello per il Cittadino (Citizen's Help Desk) are located on the First Floor of the Milan Court of Law (1st floor, Largo Biagi entrance hall - help desk 2). They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.
For further information on how the Citizen's Help Desk works and to make an appointment, you can call +39 02/54101935 or write an email to